Romanian farmers protesting against Ukrainian grain, preparing to block a road at the border

07.04.2023, 17:27
Romanian farmers protesting against Ukrainian grain, preparing to block a road at the border - Photo
Photo: Hudrea Horea/Facebook

Due to the protests of farmers, which started in Romania, international roadways may be blocked, in particular at the checkpoint "Porubne – Siret", reported the State Border Service.

At this checkpoint, the registration of trucks for departure from Ukraine has already been temporarily suspended, according to the agency.

Farmers in Romania began a protest action on Friday, blocking roads in various parts of the country. They are dissatisfied with the decisions of the European Commission to eliminate imbalances caused by the inflow of grain from Ukraine, Romania-Insider reports.

Farmers also demand the return of customs duties on Ukrainian grain, which were canceled last year.

"This extreme form of protest is the result of deep dissatisfaction and disappointment of Romanian farmers regarding the option found by the European Commission to solve the problem of imbalance in the country's agricultural market," the publication quotes the statement of the National Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Romania.

According to the union, the complete abolition of tariffs on all goods from Ukraine since mid-2022 has led to unintended dumping, where Ukrainian farmers are forced to sell grain at low prices in order to accelerate the export of agricultural products in conditions of war.

On February 16, 2023, Polish farmers blocked the movement of trucks through the Yahodyn-Dorohusk checkpoint. After unsuccessful attempts to resolve the situation with the influx of cheap grain to Poland, the Minister of Agriculture, Henryk Kowalczyk was forced to resign.

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