Electricity shortage observed in Ukraine's grid as Ukrainians are asked to conserve power
Photo: depositphotos.com

A shortage of electricity is recorded and forecast for today in the energy system, reported the press service of Ukrenergo.

The reason for the shortage is an increase in consumption due to the cold weather, which caused an additional load on power plants.

Some of the power units are still being rebuilt after being hit by Russian missiles and drones, and the restored ones cannot carry the same load as before the damage, the company explains.

The dispatch center of Ukrenergo is looking for ways to cover the deficit.

The company also urges Ukrainians to carefully consume electricity during the day.

"Do not turn on powerful electrical appliances at the same time, turn off the lights in empty rooms, postpone washing to the night hours," advises Ukrenergo.

The Ministry of Energy assures that the situation in the energy system is stable and under control.

Nine blocks of nuclear power plants are in operation, generating more than 55% of Ukrainians' electricity needs. Thermal generation units that are undergoing short-term repairs are also expected to come out of repairs.

To cover the needs, there are also plans to increase the production of electricity by hydroelectric power plants.

On November 18, 2023, the government announced that Ukraine can already import up to 1.2 GW of electricity.

On Monday, repairs were completed at Ukrainian nuclear power plants. All nine available reactors are in operation.