Power system successfully balanced by HPPs during recent blackout
Photo: Ukrhydroenergo/Facebook

All Ukrainian hydroelectric power plants were loaded at full capacity to maintain the frequency and balance of electricity in Ukraine's power system during the emergency situation on May 30, when electricity briefly disappeared in half of Ukraine's regions, reported the press service of Ukrhydroenergo.

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Thanks to the coordinated work of the Ukrhydroenergo HPPs and PHES (pumped hydroelectric energy storage), the Ukrenergo dispatcher managed to balance the power system.

After the establishment of a normal mode of operation of the energy system, Ukrhydroenergo's HPPs returned to the normal mode of operation according to the schedule.

On Tuesday, an emergency situation occurred in the energy system of Ukraine, which led to emergency shutdowns and temporary blackouts of 2 million consumers in 12 oblasts of Ukraine.

Due to the emergency situation, there were temporary power outages even in neighboring Moldova.

The Ministry of Energy announced that the commission created by the State Energy Inspectorate to study the reasons that led to desynchronization of the power system and emergency power outages has begun its work.

The head of Ukrenergo, Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, confirmed that the disconnections of consumers are not related to a shortage of power in the system, and the reasons for the emergency situation were purely technical.

In the afternoon of May 30, the lights suddenly went out in Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Odesa, Dnipro and other cities of Ukraine. The reason is an imbalance in the Ukrainian energy system, due to which the automatics stepped in and disconnected consumers, reducing consumption.