Kyiv metro fleet gains second batch of railcar parts from Warsaw
Photo: Viktor Brahinskyi/Facebook

The Kyiv metro received the second batch of cars from the Warsaw metro. A total of 12 carriages out of the planned 60 have already been handed over, announced the director of the Kyiv Metropoliten enterprise Viktor Brahinskyi.

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Carriages from the new batch will be used as technical donors to replace equipment, components, and parts of the Kyiv metro car park during their maintenance and repair.

Kyiv received the first batch of Warsaw Metro cars at the beginning of May. They are also technical donors.

"Metro trains, like any piece of equipment, need scheduled repairs. For our company, this is a great support from European colleagues, because most of the rolling stock that runs on the capital's metro lines was manufactured in Soviet times," commented Brahinskyi.

About 80% of the rolling stock of the Kyiv metro is Soviet-made, and similar cars were used in the Warsaw metro.

The fleet of cars of communal enterprise Kyiv Metropoliten consists of 821 cars of various models and years of production, of which 656 are Soviet cars. From 2014 to 2017, 135 units were modernized using the funds of the Kyoto Protocol.

Also, 30 carriages produced by PJSC Kryukivskyi Carriage Building Plant run on the lines of the capital metro.