Czechia to launch train from Prague to Lviv
Photo via České dráhy / Facebook

The Czech state railway company České dráhy plans to launch a train service from Prague to Lviv with a stopover in Przemyśl in Poland, Czech news website ProUkraїnu reports.

The route, which is being developed jointly with Poland's and Ukraine’s state railway companies, PKP and Ukrzaliznytsia, is expected to start operating in June 2023.

Czechia to launch train from Prague to Lviv

It will connect the two existing Intercity railway routes, from Prague to Przemysl and from Przemysl to Kyiv.

An international ‘on-time ticket’ is planned to be used for the trip, ensuring that trains wait for each other in case of delay, or a passenger with the same ticket is able to take the next train if the delay is critical.

‘On-time Europe ticket to Ukraine’ (Včasná jízdenka Evropa na Ukrajinu) is České dráhy’s special offer that means buying a ticket at a very favourable price, but on the ‘earlier the cheaper’ condition. A ticket can be bought at the ČD online ticket office, at a railway station or by calling the Czech State Railways.

Currently, ‘on-time tickets’ are valid for the Prague – Mukachevo train with a change in Kosice, in Slovakia. The introduction of a single ‘on-time ticket’ from Prague to Przemysl to Lviv or vice versa is currently being discussed.

Earlier this month, Ukraine and Poland began preparations to launch a new passenger train from Lviv to Warsaw, with a change of station in the town of Rava-Ruska in the Lviv region.