Bloomberg: EU mulling ban on goods transit through Russia
Photo via EPA

The European Union’s new sanctions package, its 11th since February 2022, will mostly focus on the loopholes in sanctions already enacted, and may include banning ‘many goods’ from transiting through Russia, Bloomberg reports, citing sources.

EU member states are also discussing targeting Russian vessels that switch off navigation systems, as well as imposing new sanctions on about three dozen people.

The US and Japan are preparing their own sanctions packages, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg. While each package is being worked out separately, allies have been coordinating them, per the report.

The sanctions are expected to be unveiled around a Group of Seven leaders meeting in Japan later this month. It will also "provide a forum for a discussion on what has worked so far and what options remain in terms of pressuring the Russian economy further," Bloomberg reports.

The G7 leaders are also expected to discuss a mechanism to track and trace Russian diamonds across borders that could eventually pave the way for restrictions on that trade, it adds.

Earlier, the Financial Times reported that the European Union was discussing limiting exports to countries it suspects are helping Russia circumvent sanctions.