Deputy mayor of Mykolaiv to be tried in Kyiv in NABU case
Photo: Mykolaiv City Council

The Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office submitted an indictment to the court in the case of possible embezzlement of state funds during the reconstruction of Soborna Square in Mykolaiv, reported the press service of SAPO and the National Anti-Corruption Bureau.

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The main suspects are the deputy mayor of Mykolaiv, Serhii Koreniev, and the former deputy director of the housing and utility services department of the Mykolaiv City Council, Oleksandr Bryzhatyi.

According to the investigation, in 2019, when this department announced a tender for the renovation of Soborna Square in Mykolaiv, officials in collusion with the directors of six private companies ensured the victory of a predetermined LLC, which carried out the reconstruction.

The examination ordered by NABU showed that the cost of the works was overestimated by UAH 26.8 million ($725,600).

Officials will be tried under Part 5 of Art. 191 of the Criminal Code — appropriation of property. Together with them, six directors of private companies that participated in the tender (one of them is a current deputy of the Odesa City Council), as well as the founder of a private company, are accused.