Ukraine both importing and exporting electricity now
Photo via Depositphotos

The Ukrainian power system is currently exporting and importing electricity at the same time, Ukraine’s state energy company Ukrenergo said in a statement on Friday.

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Electricity is exported to Poland mainly in the morning and afternoon hours, while imports are ongoing in the afternoon and evening hours from Slovakia and Moldova.

"However, its volume is insignificant during the evening peak consumption," Ukrenergo added.

While the company assured electricity production is currently sufficient to meet the needs of Ukrainian consumers, it asked to conserve energy in the evening hours by limiting the use of powerful electrical appliances.

"Due to active repair campaigns at thermal power plants and some nuclear power units, fewer power units are operating in the power system," Ukrenergo explained.

In other developments, Russia’s shelling damaged power lines in the Kharkiv Donetsk regions in eastern Ukraine, with a mine cut off.

Power supply to consumers is to be restored as soon as the security situation improves, Ukrenergo added.