Ukrenergo hopes electricity generation will be OK until end of October
Photo: Ukrenergo

The situation with Ukraine's power system has stabilised after the deficit last month, Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, CEO of Ukrnergo, Ukraine’s state energy company, said on Wednesday.

"For September and October, we do not expect any problems with meeting the [electricity] consumption needs," he said on national television.

"There is enough electricity in the system now—of course, if there is no massive shelling during these months."

The Ukrainian military has earlier warned that the risk Russia’s massive shelling of energy facilities remains high.

"Unfortunately, we have a negative experience from last winter, but this allows us to prepare for possible Russian attacks. We all—air defence, power engineers, and Ukrainians—know what to expect from the enemy," the CEO of Ukrenergo said.

Earlier, Mr Kudrytskyi recommended that Ukrainians hold onto power generators since it is impossible to predict the likelihood of blackouts or power cuts during the winter.

The Ukrainian energy ministry assumes that Russia will resume attacks on the energy infrastructure with the onset of cold weather.

It hopes to strengthen the resilience of the Ukrainian power system in cooperation with international partners.