Electricity supply restrictions lifted in Ukraine - state operator
Illustration via Depositphotos

All restrictions on electricity supply imposed in Ukraine due to damages to the power grid have now been lifted, Ukraine’s state energy operation Ukrenerho announced on Monday.

"Ukrenergo's dispatch centre does not apply power cuts to consumers in any region," its statement reads.

According to Ukrenerho, electricity generation in Ukraine is currently sufficient to meet the consumers’ needs, with the necessary capacity reserved.

Consumers, however, are cautioned not to switch on many powerful appliances at once and, if possible, distribute their use throughout the day.

Due to the damage to key high-voltage substations caused by Russian air strikes over the past six months, the reliability of power supply to consumers in most regions of Ukraine has been significantly reduced, Ukrenerho says.

The situation remains difficult in the frontline areas, where shelling continues, the company adds.

Russia started targeting Ukrainian power plants and other energy infrastructure with missiles in October 2022, which led to widespread rolling blackouts.

Since February, however, there has been no electricity shortage in Ukraine due to a combination of factors, including the load of all nuclear power plants, warm weather, flooding on the Dnipro River, and imports from Europe.