Blockade of Ukraine's border by Poland intensifies amid protests at five checkpoints
Border blockade (Photo - EPA Darek Delmanowicz)

Polish farmers additionally blocked three checkpoints on the border with Ukraine: Zosin – Ustyluh, Dołhobyczów – Uhryniv and Medyka – Shehyni, reported by the press service of the State Border Guard Service on Monday.

Taking into account the previously blocked Dorohusk – Yahodyn and Hrebenne – Rava-Ruska, the protest action of Polish farmers has already affected five checkpoints.

The blockade of checkpoints does not mean a complete stoppage of traffic – cars and buses pass through the border.

Crossing the border is complicated only for trucks. Before the blockade 1,200-1,400 trucks could pass through Yahodyn in both directions per day, while on Saturday only 160 managed to pass. In Rava-Ruska, the throughput has decreased by three times due to the blockade.

According to the State Border Guard Service, protesters near Zosin intend to let through three trucks per hour, near Dołhobyczów – two trucks each, near Medyka – one truck each.

Polish farmers took to the streets on Friday to protest against the European Green Deal and the opening of the market for agricultural products from Ukraine. This is the largest protest in Poland in recent years. On the first day of the strike, Polish protesters began to disrupt rail transport from Ukraine. Due to farmers' protests, movement through the checkpoints Medyka – Shehyni, Hrebenne – Rava-Ruska and Dorohusk – Yahodyn was made difficult. On February 10, Medyka was temporarily unblocked.

Polish Minister Czesław Siekierski said that he would ask farmers to unblock the checkpoints.