Polish carriers request exclusive right to travel through Uhryniv – Dołhobyczów crossing
Photo: DPSU

Volodymyr Balin, vice-president of the Association of International Road Carriers of Ukraine, revealed a new offer of Polish carriers: to allocate a separate crossing point across the border to them in exchange for unblocking the rest.

"Uhryniv – Dołhobyczów – they want only European vehicles to drive there," Balin said in a comment on the AsMAP YouTube channel after talks with the Poles on Saturday.

The representatives of the protestors guaranteed the passage of ten trucks every hour at each of the currently blocked checkpoints, provided that the Ukrainian carriers made a conscious choice to refrain from crossing the border through the international checkpoint "Uhryniv – Dołhobyczów".

If by Wednesday, there are no Ukrainian vehicles in line at this checkpoint, the strikers allegedly promise to stop blocking all checkpoints.

AsMAP has asked Ukrainian drivers to refrain from using this checkpoint, and so far – as of the evening of Sunday, at other checkpoints "Rava-Ruska – Hrebenne" and "Krakivets – Korczowa" 10 trucks pass every hour.

On December 4, empty trucks from Ukraine were allowed to pass through the "Uhryniv – Dołhobyczów" checkpoint . The increase in the number of trucks at the checkpoint and on the adjacent roads creates inconvenience for the residents of Dołhobyczów, Poland. This may become a prerequisite for closing the traffic of trucks through this checkpoint by local authorities, AsMAP adds.

On December 11, Poland unblocked the largest of the four blocked checkpoints – in Dorohusk. Ukraine hoped that Hrebenne could be next, but instead the Polish court allowed the carriers to resume the blockade of Dorohusk.

The new Polish Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, said that he would find a solution for unblocking the border.