Ukrainian govt gives $120mln to pay for destroyed housing

The Ukrainian government has allocated UAH 4.4 billion (USD 119.17 million) to provide financial assistance to Ukrainians for destroyed housing under the eRestoration programme, the ministry of communities, territories and iInfrastructure development said on Wednesday.

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The funds, allocated from the dedicated state fund for elimination of the consequences of Russia’s armed aggression, will be managed by the ministry.

More than 10,000 people have applied for compensation through eRecovery in the first week since the programme was launched.

More than half (56 percent) of the applications are related to compensation for destroyed apartments, just above 43 percent, to private houses, and the rest, other residential premises.

Most applications were submitted by residents of the Kharkiv (3,554), Kyiv (2,852), Mykolaiv (870), Donetsk (688), and Kherson (649) regions.

Commissions to be established under local governments will now process them and begin direct inspections of the housing. The maximum amount of compensation under the eRecovery programme is UAH 200,000.