Ukraine's rail transport company starts using ChatGPT to process passenger requests
Illustration: UZ/telegram

Ukrzaliznytsia uses artificial intelligence, in particular ChatGPT, created by the Open AI company, to process and analyze text messages from passengers received through the company's mobile application. Previously, this work was performed by employees of Ukrzaliznytsia, the company's press service reports.

"During one day, we receive an average of 1,300 trip evaluations from passengers through the application. About 300 of them are text reviews directly related to the work of the railway. We previously processed each such review manually – now ChatGPT does this work," the message says.

Artificial intelligence automatically divides passengers' appeals into 21 topics – from "quality of service" to "delays". After that, the appeals already sorted into categories are loaded into the analytics system, which allows UZ to monitor the dynamics of complaints regarding specific trains and routes by days, weeks, and months.

This use of ChatGPT allows Ukrzaliznytsia to speed up work on feedback analysis and identify the most problematic areas and, accordingly, respond more quickly.

ChatGPT's artificial intelligence correctly determines the category of appeal in 90% of cases, according to the state company.

Ukrzaliznytsia notes that passengers can submit requests or suggestions for any reason not only through the application, but also through the Ukrzaliznytsia chatbot in Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger or Apple Messages, e-mail, or QR codes posted at stations and trains.