Nova Poshta to Speed up Delivery Between Ukraine and Poland to One Day
Photo via Nova Poshta

Nova Poshta, one of the largest Ukrainian postal companies, expects to speed up the delivery of parcels between Ukraine and Poland, which now takes two to three days, to 24 hours.

The company also plans to expand its presence in the Polish market, aiming to operate fifty offices by June 2023, more than twice as many as it has now, said Dmytro Verhun, CEO of Nova Post Polska.

"The speed with which we opened in Poland is due to strong customer demand, we have never opened a branch with such dynamic before," Mr Verhun said, according to a correspondent.

With customs procedures taken into account, it currently takes an average of three days to send a package from any Nova Poshta office in Poland to any point in Ukraine, the record time being two days and two hours, he says.

"The target is for a parcel from Warsaw to Kyiv to arrive in a day, and vice versa," added Mr Verhun.

Nova Poshta is one of the largest postal services in Ukraine, co-founded and owned by businessmen Vyacheslav Klimov and Volodymyr Popereshnyuk.

Since October 2022, when the first office of Nova Poshta was inaugurated in Poland, 132,000 customers have sent more than 150,000 parcels.

Out of the two Nova Poshta terminals in Poland, the customs clearance service is now available only in Rzeszów, but the company expects that it will soon be allowed in Warsaw as well.

Nova Poshta has developed a separate design for its Polish offices, with the premises equipped with height-adjustable tables and children’s furniture corners. Plans are for adding fitting rooms to the offices, which the Ukrainian postal company has set up on the rented premises, should there be such demand.

Earlier Monday, Nova Poshta opened its first office in Lithuania, with plans to expand to two other Baltic countries later this year.