Russia destroys 9.2 GW of energy generation in Ukraine in three months
Photo: Centrenergo

During the Russian attacks this spring, Ukraine lost 9.2 GW of power generation capacity, European Union Ambassador to Ukraine Katarína Mathernová reported.

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"We discussed key priorities of Ukraine for the next months, including the urgent energy equipment needs to help alleviate the impact of continuous Russian missile attacks on energy infrastructure. Including the attack from two nights ago, Russia has destroyed whooping 9.2GW of Ukraine's energy generation," she wrote on Facebook, reporting on the week's work.

Since March 2024, Russia has carried out six massive attacks on Ukraine's energy system.

Ukrenergo began limiting energy supplies to industry and businesses on May 8, after Russia's fifth mass missile and drone attack.

In the early hours of Saturday, Russia launched the sixth attack, with Russian missiles damaging five energy facilities in different regions of Ukraine at once.

The attack coincided with the withdrawal of nuclear power units for repair (at least they were announced by the NPP operator Energoatom), as a result of which there was a critical shortage of electricity, and Ukrenergo had to introduce emergency blackouts, despite the weekend.

Ukrenergo warned that the beginning of June will be more difficult in terms of blackouts than the end of May.