Six Romanian ships survive Russian drone attack on port of Reni

24.07.2023, 18:53
Six Romanian ships survive Russian drone attack on port of Reni - Photo
Дунай (Фото - АМПУ)

There were six Romanian ships in the port of Reni during the nighttime Russian drone attack on Ukrainian ports on the Danube, reported the Romanian publication Mediafax.

The vessels were not damaged and left the port immediately after the attack and evacuated to the Romanian side of the Danube. Romanian sailors saw and heard explosions in the port.

Romania did not impose restrictions on shipping after the attack on Reni and Izmail. Romanian ports on the Danube and the Isaccea-Orlivka ferry crossing are operating as usual.

According to the statement of the Romanian Ministry of National Security and Defense, the attack on the Ukrainian Danube ports does not pose a direct military threat to the territorial waters of Romania.

"Strikes on port infrastructure are another evidence of the Russian Federation's intentions to undermine Ukrainian grain exports to world markets. Romania will support Ukraine in expanding grain exports," Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu commented on the Russian attack.

In the early hours of Monday, as a result of an enemy attack in the port of Reni, three warehouses with grain were destroyed. Also, the windows of buildings and outbuildings at the enterprise were damaged by the blast wave.

Russia, after withdrawing from the grain agreement, is massively attacking the ports of Odesa Oblast. The main target of the missiles is grain infrastructure. Russia began actively striking the ports on the day it announced its withdrawal from the grain agreement. On the same day, Ukraine appealed to Turkey and the UN with a proposal to continue the operation of the corridor without the participation of the Russian Federation.

The Russian occupiers assaulted Odesa Oblast with Shahed-136 kamikaze drones early on Monday.

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