Europe seeking ways to increase electricity supply to Ukraine – ENTSO-E

The transmission capacity for supplying electricity from Europe to Ukraine has reached its limit, and options for further increasing supply are being explored, according to the ENTSO-E Summer Outlook 2024 report by the operators of the unified European energy system.

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At the end of May, Ukrainian Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko confirmed that the European Union would increase transmission capacity to supply electricity to Ukraine before the onset of winter, and that high-level negotiations were underway.

The minister did not rule out that the capacity could be increased to 2 GW, as this is technically feasible.

In November last year, ENTSO-E approved an increase in the technical capacity of electricity supply to Ukraine to 1700 MW, up from the previous maximum import capacity of 1200 MW from Europe.

Due to regular Russian attacks on energy facilities, Ukraine has lost 9.2 GW of electricity generation capacity.

This has led to a sharp increase in imports, which reached 448,000 MWh in May, compared to 225,000 MWh in April.

In June, import volumes continued to rise, reaching a record 31,904 MWh per day.

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